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Needle Felted Bunny Tutorial and Giveaway


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I was in the middle of doing a tiger when someone sent me a picture of a needle felted bunny, and I just had to make one myself.


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1. As always, I start with a fluff of wool, a barbed needle made for felting and a foam pad.image2. Start poking wool into basic shape. image

3. Make base of head on top.image

4. Add more wool and start building a shape. You can see in this picture I started adding some more wool for the cheeks and the lower legs.image5.  Felt a roll of wool separately. This will be the arms. image6. After it’s firm, cut it in half. image7. Poke half the side in so that it’s profile looks like the one on the right when turned. image8. Poke the loose wool into the body.image 9. Build up the face more.image10. Add more cheek fullness. image11. Poke in a continuous line to make mouth and nose definition image12. Make a pointed tube like this. This will eventually be the ears. image13. Cut it in half lengthwise.  image14. Split in half. image15. Flip over so that what was the inside of the tube is facing upward. Poke at the center. This will help hollow the ears out. image 16. Poke in and pinch near the tops. Then place this on the head and poke on.image17. Add on bottom paws with the same technique as arms. The loose wool from that will help form the lower legs. Add more wool to fill out. image18. Add beads for eyes by sewing them on. image

19. Cover the eyes with wool and then shape them.image

Add a hint of pink on the nose and some tan around the eyes and mouth. Here is the finished bunny below.image image


16 Responses to Needle Felted Bunny Tutorial and Giveaway

  1. Jen B.

    I want this rabbit! I have always wanted to try to needle felt but I just haven’t had the time to devote to it. This bunny is amazing! And I just love, love Easter themed decorations. Thanks for sharing your project with us!

  2. Lori Hayes

    The bunnys no e..loll love it I want it. It looks so real your so awesome! It can be my loop eared bunnies friend. They look alike besides he’s got black spots. It’s amazing work!

    • Donna Augustine Post author

      You might think that but I give 99% of everything I’ve ever made away. If they stay with me, I get mean and tell them their tails too fat or their feet are too stumpy. It’s better to let them go before I become abusive : )

    • Donna Augustine Post author

      Thanks, Linda : ) I have to admit, I get a really big kick out of you posting on my critters since I’m a fan of your books.

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