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Needle Felted Bunny Tutorial and Giveaway

I was in the middle of doing a tiger when someone sent me a picture of a needle felted bunny, and I just had to make one myself.


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1. As always, I start with a fluff of wool, a barbed needle made for felting and a foam pad.image2. Start poking wool into basic shape. image

3. Make base of head on top.image

4. Add more wool and start building a shape. You can see in this picture I started adding some more wool for the cheeks and the lower legs.image5.  Felt a roll of wool separately. This will be the arms. image6. After it’s firm, cut it in half. image7. Poke half the side in so that it’s profile looks like the one on the right when turned. image8. Poke the loose wool into the body.image 9. Build up the face more.image10. Add more cheek fullness. image11. Poke in a continuous line to make mouth and nose definition image12. Make a pointed tube like this. This will eventually be the ears. image13. Cut it in half lengthwise.  image14. Split in half. image15. Flip over so that what was the inside of the tube is facing upward. Poke at the center. This will help hollow the ears out. image 16. Poke in and pinch near the tops. Then place this on the head and poke on.image17. Add on bottom paws with the same technique as arms. The loose wool from that will help form the lower legs. Add more wool to fill out. image18. Add beads for eyes by sewing them on. image

19. Cover the eyes with wool and then shape them.image

Add a hint of pink on the nose and some tan around the eyes and mouth. Here is the finished bunny below.image image

Needle Felted Unicorn Tutorial and Giveaway

After my brain is fried for the day, I like to unwind by poking wool. This is my latest little side project.


What you’ll need:

  1. Wool batting
  2. Felting needle
  3. Pipe cleaner
  4. Black beads
  5. Needle and thread
  6. Some silkier wool for mane and tail
  7. Some grey wool if you want to shade the hooves

This is how it always starts, just lump of loose wool, a needle and a cushion.

imageStart by making a basic form. This is accomplished by taking the needle and sticking it into the wool repeatedly. The fibers of the wool knot together.

imageShape some more.image

Oops, I really should have added support for the legs since they are going to be so skinny. I’ll have to do it now. image

I’m taking a scissor with a good pointed end and cutting through the wool. Then I will drag my pipe cleaner through it. I’ll do this for the front and back legs.imageBuild up the neck a bit. image Fill in some of the holes I cut with new wool and start building up the hind legs.image image Build up the legs and start adding wool on for the head.imageAdd wool and just poke away.  Starting to make some definition around the head and legs.image Adding wool to the lower legs is easier if you wrap it around tightly. imageWrap the wool as tightly as you can and secure it with some poking at the seams.   imageIn this picture, you can see the definition I added to the upper leg. imageMake some ears. Leave loose wool on the bottom to attach with.  imageI added ears and cut out an eye socket. imageTesting out different black bead sizes for the eye. Remember you are going to add some wool on top so a little big is better. imageSew on the eyeballs (black beads). imageI added some wool on top of eyeball and I am laying some softer angora wool strands over neck for mane.  image

I poke in a straight line up and down the neck until the hair is secured.imageGathered some softer hair into a tail and poked ends into back of horse. imageI trimmed mane hair and glued on a clay horn. I also lightly poked some loose wool over the hooves. poked at nostrils and basically fine tuned her.  Finished unicorn.imageimage

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Vampire for Valentines Giveaway Hop

Vampires for Valentine's Giveaway Hop

The first vampire fiction I fell in love with was The Vampire Lestat by Anne Rice. Why? What about a creature of the night that killed people by sucking the blood out of their veins made me want more? I wish I knew exactly, but I’m going to try and break down some of the things that might be appealing. To make it fair, I’m going to list the cons as well.

Pros to Dating a Vampire

1. They don’t age. Immortality is pretty intriguing.

2. They are beautiful, at least in majority of books I’ve read. Young and hot? I think this mystery is starting to unravel.

3. Nocturnal creatures are very appealing to night owls, such as myself.

4. I’ve always had a thing for a guy kissing or nibbling my neck. It’s one of the top erogenous zones.  Okay, maybe not to suck out my blood, but it looks so hot in the movies.

5. They’re strong. Superhuman strength is just plain cool!

6. A lot of them can fly. If I could have a super power, my first choice would be flying! Plus, it’s got to beat taking coach.

Vampire Dating Cons

1. Sleeping in a coffin? No way. I don’t care how cute the vampire is.

2. Always the chance of accidental murder. He might be the nicest vampire in the world but when you’re sucking on a jugular, things can go bad quick.

3. Awkward moment when he won’t eat or drink at a dinner party and your friends think you’re dating a freak.

4. Having to keep a fire extinguisher handy when you go to your friend’s church wedding.

Life Sized Needle Felted Bat Giveaway

I decided to felt a bat for this giveaway. Here is a mini tutorial on how I made him.

1. As usual, I start with a fluff of wool that I use a felting needle on to start working a shape. In this case, I added a length of pipe cleaner to the end so that I’d be able to hang him.


2. Rough shape of body and head.image

3. Cover in dark wool.image

4. Make ears.image

5. Felt on ears and sew on black beads for eyes. Add black wool for beginning of wings.image

6. Add layer of lighter wool to add depth and texture to his fur.image

7. Build wings in black wool.image

Finished bat. I added a polymer nose I sculpted. You can find that tutorial here.image

Shown hanging from a pen. You could hang him from almost anywhere. I thought he might be cute hanging from a rear view mirror.image

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Polymer Clay Nose Tutorial for Needle Felted Animals

I’ve recieved a lot of questions lately about needle felting, also known as soft sculpture. When I first started, all my information came from free online sources, so I’ve decided to return the favor by posting some tutorials of my own.

I’ve decided to start with how I make my noses.

All you need is a cuticle stick and a bar of polymer clay. Most craft stores sell small packages of polymer clay. Warning, don’t let the clay touch your finished wood surfaces. Whatever oils they use for this clay can be damaging.

image (14)

Make a three dinmensional triangle but round all the edges. image (15)Make a line down the center.  image (16)

With the point of the stick, make two holes.

photo (3)

Make lines from the holes, to the sides.

image (18)

Check the package of your clay for baking temps and times. I baked mine at 265 degrees for twenty minutes.

After it cools, glue the nose onto your needle felted critter. I will sometimes make several noses in one batch for ease if I’m going to be doing a lot of felting. Also, it helps to have several size increments available.


My example below is a bulldog WIP. If you like him, check back in the next week or so. I’ll be posting a tutorial on how I made him and be giving him away.

photo (4)



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