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Needle Felted Unicorn Tutorial and Giveaway


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After my brain is fried for the day, I like to unwind by poking wool. This is my latest little side project.


What you’ll need:

  1. Wool batting
  2. Felting needle
  3. Pipe cleaner
  4. Black beads
  5. Needle and thread
  6. Some silkier wool for mane and tail
  7. Some grey wool if you want to shade the hooves

This is how it always starts, just lump of loose wool, a needle and a cushion.

imageStart by making a basic form. This is accomplished by taking the needle and sticking it into the wool repeatedly. The fibers of the wool knot together.

imageShape some more.image

Oops, I really should have added support for the legs since they are going to be so skinny. I’ll have to do it now. image

I’m taking a scissor with a good pointed end and cutting through the wool. Then I will drag my pipe cleaner through it. I’ll do this for the front and back legs.imageBuild up the neck a bit. image Fill in some of the holes I cut with new wool and start building up the hind legs.image image Build up the legs and start adding wool on for the head.imageAdd wool and just poke away.  Starting to make some definition around the head and legs.image Adding wool to the lower legs is easier if you wrap it around tightly. imageWrap the wool as tightly as you can and secure it with some poking at the seams.   imageIn this picture, you can see the definition I added to the upper leg. imageMake some ears. Leave loose wool on the bottom to attach with.  imageI added ears and cut out an eye socket. imageTesting out different black bead sizes for the eye. Remember you are going to add some wool on top so a little big is better. imageSew on the eyeballs (black beads). imageI added some wool on top of eyeball and I am laying some softer angora wool strands over neck for mane.  image

I poke in a straight line up and down the neck until the hair is secured.imageGathered some softer hair into a tail and poked ends into back of horse. imageI trimmed mane hair and glued on a clay horn. I also lightly poked some loose wool over the hooves. poked at nostrils and basically fine tuned her.  Finished unicorn.imageimage

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24 Responses to Needle Felted Unicorn Tutorial and Giveaway

  1. Denise Z

    Oh I would love to see a tiger. Wow what a talent you make it look so easy and so beautiful. Thanks for sharing this treat with us :)

  2. Teresa Kleeman

    Omg, this is truly amazing. You have so much talent. I would love to see a Tiger done. I also have to check out your wolf. Simply beautiful.

  3. Rachel Vance

    Oh I love the unicorn! I have 6 horses and a mule so I love anything associated with horses. I would like to see a lion felted because the mane will look amazing.

  4. Donna Augustine

    Thanks everyone for all the wonderful compliments on the unicorn : ) and thank you for participating!

    It looks like tiger is in the lead. I can never decide what to do next, so this is working out pretty well, lol.

  5. Michelle Willms

    While a tiger would be interesting due to the contrasting colors, I would really, really like to see a lion. I can almost (but not quite) see the mane in mind. I would love to actually see how the mane looks. What a great talent you have! michelle_willms at yahoo dot com.

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