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Coming Soon! The Wilds Cover Reveal and Blurb


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Coming early next week! The first book in a new fantasy series that I’m having a great time writing. It’s going to be either 3-4 books, possibly longer depending on how the details lay out.

As much as I loved writing Karma, and I did (I’ll miss the Jinxes forever) I’m pretty excited to start a new storyline. One of my favorite aspects in a book is following a character’s growth. When I wrote The Keepers, Jo had a lot of growing to do and I caught some slack for it. I think that criticism sort of stuck with me. So when I wrote Karma, I made Camilla/Karma a bit mature out of the gate and robbed myself of some of the fun in the process. With this story, I’m starting with a character who really has room to grow and I’m loving it. I hope you will too!



24 Responses to Coming Soon! The Wilds Cover Reveal and Blurb

  1. Linda Townsend

    This sounds great! I’m listening to Jinxed right now and, OMG, LOVING it! I’m going to need that sequel soon!!!!! It’s soooo good!

    Will The Wilds be in audio also? I hope so!

    • Donna Augustine Post author

      Thanks, Linda! Yes, The Wilds will be in audio too but it might be a couple of months down the line as the narrator hasn’t started on it yet : ) Good news is, Fated is completed and in the review stage now and should be released this week.

  2. Jennifer

    Just read The Wilds. I love it and can’t wait for book 2!!!
    How long does it typically take to get the next book done??? I’m hooked!!

    • Donna Augustine Post author

      Hi Jennifer,

      Thank you very much! I’m glad you are excited for the next one!

      It typically takes me 3-4 months to write one book. Every now and then something will fly out quicker but not usually. I’m working on the second right now and I’m putting out a tentative release date of Jan. It might come sooner but I want to make sure I leave enough time to not rush it.

      • Allison

        I can not wait to read the entire series!!! I’m addicted to your story telling!!! You’re my favorite alchemy writer, after reading your ‘Keeper’ series within two weeks! I was so excited about book two of ‘The Wilds!’ To realize it hasn’t happened yet!!! I guess on to the ‘Karma’ series until then, you’re amazing and I absolutely LOVE reading your books!!!

  3. Ruthanna

    Absolutely loved The Wilds! Fabulous! Will be a long hard wait for the next book because I want to continue the series now. Thanks so much for writing it. :)

  4. Ryzig

    I was really suprised with how much I loved your book! The Wilds was the first work of yours I read and I could not put the book down once I started! Now I’m going to get the rest of your books (thank you)!

    I am an urban romance/apocalyps junkie, can you recommend any of your favorite authors or books in this area? I am excited to hear back from you, and again your writing is wonderful, I was completely transported into the Wilds world. :)

    • Donna Augustine Post author

      Hi! Thank you so much! As for recommendations, some of my favorites are Karen Moning’s Fever series. That one gets very apocalyptic but you need to hang in there for a few books before everything falls apart. I loved Susan Ee’s Angelfall. There’s also Anne Bishop’s Others. That one is more alternate history but she is a brilliant writer. I might add more to this reply as I think of them. I’m trying to remember ones that really grabbed me and had all of the things you’re looking for. Like Swan Song is and oldie but goodie but doesn’t have as much romance. Okay, going to think on this some more!

      • Ryzig

        Thank you so much. Now that a whole weekend and some change has gone by, I must say I devoured your books (they were incredible)! I wanted to take a moment to let you know that your stories brought some powerful/empowering emotions out for me. They brought me back to the very first series I read as a young girl that created in me, my lifelong love for books. The series is by Tamara Pierce and it’s the Alanna series. These books were about a young women who discovers what it is to be a strong female in a world of men. I don’t think I would have survived adolescence without them. It’s been 15-20 years sense I read them and your Karma and Wild books brought me right back to that 11 year old girl who believes in the heroine and also herself. I’m not sure I’m aptly describing the very real emotions your stories brought back and made me feel all over. But I wanted to say again thank you and you can bet you’ve got a lifetime follower in me. You are in an incredible story teller and I will be checking out the books you recommend and checking for more!

        • Donna Augustine Post author

          Thank you! I’m going to have to go read those books now! There is a quote from Stephen King in his book About Writing that reads, “A little talent is a good thing to have if you want to be a writer. But the only real requirement is the ability to remember every scar.” When I write, even though the settings are much different than what I’ve obviously experienced especially since I write fantasy, but I still draw on my own heartaches and disappointments as well as my hopes and dreams. Whether it’s from Jo’s perspective, Dal’s or Karma’s, it’s still my heart and guts that spill out. So when a get a message that my writing really connected with someone deeply, it really does mean a lot to me. It’s like showing your insides to someone and them saying, yeah, I’ve got those dreams and scars too : ) Thank you!

      • Belinda C

        I LOVE Anne Bishop’s Others series! Sorry – had to put my 2 cents worth in here. Actually, because I had read the Others, B&N recommended The Wilds, which was also awesome. I was looking here to see when the new book in the series would be available, and saw this post.

        • Donna Augustine Post author

          I totally understand! I’m the worst book pusher when I love something : ) I recommend that series to everyone!

      • Carmela

        I got The Wilds last night, followed the The Hunt several hours later.. now the sun is up and I haven’t gotten a bit of sleep but it was completely worth it. I loved both books so much and can’t wait for the third to come out. Until then I’m going to get some sleep then start in on your Alchemy series.

        Oh and on a side note, Anne Bishop’s the Others is my favorite series. I was happy to see you recommend it.

          • Carmela

            I did see it.. it only made the waiting worse! Fortunately I found you and can now rely on Jo to help me with my Meg and Dahlia withdraws. ;)

          • Donna Augustine Post author

            Thank you : ) OH! Also one of my top favs right now, Ilona Andrews Hidden Legacy series. Only one book out right now but it’s great! Definitely in my top five picks for 2015 reads.

  5. Emily Hesse

    I absolutely loved The Wilds! I could not stop reading it once I started! I love how spunky Dal is and am extremely excited for the next book! Great job Donna!

  6. Doodle

    Love. .Love..Loved The Wilds! Dal is so gritty and funny at the same time. Tuff but compassionate and protective of those she cares about. Your writing style really draws you in making you feel as if you were standing right in there inner circle!! Great job!

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