This is the homepage of Donna Augustine, where you’ll find romance, magic, and a little apocalyptic fun.

Coming soon July 14th! Savage One, the continuation of Born Wild.

Death isn’t as black and white as they say, at least not for me. I can tell you when you’ll die, and pull you back from the brink of death. In a world ravaged by plague, where survival might come down to the smallest misstep, I can help you cheat fate. If only I could save myself… 

I’ve been abused and abandoned, bartered and paid for. The only reason I’m alive right now is a man named Callon, who I managed to trick into sticking by me. But things are looking up when my last purchaser calls for a truce, and I land a nice comfy place to live. 

Except when something seems too good to be true, it usually is. There is a larger threat lurking that no one sees, and it’s about to wipe out the lodge in order to get to me. In a world torn apart by wars and sickness, a safe place to lay your head is hard to find, and I won’t go down without a fight.